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GrRobot offers self-sustainable remote farming with live feeds to monitor the growth of farm and ship the organic food right to your door from your remote farm.

About us

“Farm from anywhere or whenever you want to” is the key motive of our Gr-Robot using advanced technology which enables easier access to fresh, locally grown organic food. Gr-Robot helps farmers, gardeners to grow and monitor their farm remotely.  

Most people love greenery than a concrete jungle. People love to grow small plants in balconies or in their backyards depending on their circumstances. However, due to constraints like space and constant effort and time needed to grow plants, people don’t do much of gardening and farming. It also needs a lot of knowledge and physical effort. If every family is given an opportunity to grow their own food with little or no effort, the planet would have been greener, and people would have been healthier.  

It is a known fact that a we need to be conscious about reducing the carbon foot print on the planet. One way to do that is “Remote Farming”. Gr-Robot is a machine that makes “Remote Farming” dream a reality. Prince invented this machine with a dream to increase the number of farmers in the world by giving them the Gr-robot machine which helps them do farming with very less work.

Remote farming is a way to enable people living in cities to acquire/lease a remote farm anywhere in the world and be able to see live audio and video of the crops and also do robotic farming with minimal human intervention.

Latest News 

On the day of Proclamation Jan 15th in Frisco City Council Office Prince presented his latest idea GrRobot – a remote farming robot for farmers with a unique concept of  “Farm from anywhere or whenever you want to” using advanced technology which enables easier access to fresh, locally grown organic food from your own farm(local/remote).

Prince is a 9-year-old child prodigy who is on a mission to do his part to save the environment.

His recent invention “The Gr-Robot” which is a remote farming robot gained a lot of attention in the fastest growing City in the US. The City Mayor gave a proclamation to Prince and declared Jan 15th 2019 as "Prince Nallamothula Day" in Frisco Tx. When Prince was demonstrating the Gr-robot invention, the President of University of North Texas UNT happened to be there at the Mayor’s office and got so impressed by the invention that he came up to Prince and offered him a full sponsorship for Prince's college. Prince won national acclaim for his inventions and is featured on Fox news and NBC networks several times. UNT also offered Prince to their Incubation center to bring his ideas to life where he is currently developing his marketable prototype of GR-Robot.

Gr-Robot helps farmers, gardeners to grow and monitor their farm remotely.  In the future, this can potentially help to maintain the city lawns and parks and may also attract more remote farmers.

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