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About us

Worldwide, there are different fitness gadgets and fitness apps. But there are no family wellness apps. Our idea is to make the first family wellness app. One of the unique solutions that we came up with is “Happy Family” which is one of its kind with very distinct features needed to keep the families stay connected in a fun way and to track the family wellness score.

Problem Area

Right now, technology is ruling the world; and there is no time for family members to come together.  Stress, anxiety and loneliness leads to drugs, lack of love and care leads to crime. The key to a healthy body and mind is a happy family. According to the statistics, people with a happy family live a longer and healthier life. Therefore, family wellness is a significant factor in shaping a better world.

Our Solution

With some simple changes in lifestyle, we can decrease the number of unhappy marriages and unhappy kids. With this “Happy Family” we can reduce the no. of crimes, suicides, drug addictions, domestic violence, divorce, and household chores because we strongly believe in the fact that Happy Families lead to happy communities. happy cities, happy states, happy countries and the happy world at the end.

  • Family album

  • Social media sharing

  • Private chat groups

  • Reminders 

  • To do lists for the family like shopping list/household chores

  • Organizers to track school calendars/library/bill pays

  • Links to food/flowers/gifts order/restaurants/movie tickets/holiday planning etc

  • Links to Fitness schedules/trainers

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