Problem Area

Young Kids & Teenagers

Teens who can’t tolerate alone having trouble keeping themselves occupied or crave excitement are prime candidates for substance use. Not only do alcohol and marijuana give them something to do, but those substances help fill the internal void they feel. Further, they provide a common ground for interacting with like-minded teens, a way to instantly bond with a group of kids.

When children are in an unsuitable environment, they are prone to act out. Lack of playthings or attention can lead to jealousy and then hostility between children.


Students often struggle with mental health problems due to unhappy families with no love, care, affection from family members which may lead to suspension or expel from school. Disruptive behavior in school can lead to a myriad of problems for the teacher, school faculty, classmates and the child causing trouble. Knowing the difference between rude behavior and bad behavior can be a challenge. If your child continuously misbehaves in school, he may be labeled as a "bad child" and become socially isolated. This bad behavior can cause your child to struggle in school and socially, and is heartbreaking for you, as a parent.

Broken Families & Crime

The scholarly evidence suggests that at the heart of the explosion of crime in America is the loss of the capacity of father and mothers to be responsible for caring for the children they bring into the world. dis loss of love and guidance at the intimate levels of marriage and family has broad social consequences for children and for the wider community. The empirical evidence shows that too many young men and women from broken families tend to have a much weaker sense of connection with their neighborhood and are prone to exploit its members to satisfy their unmet needs or desires. dis contributes to a loss of a sense of community and to the disintegration of neighborhoods into social chaos and violent crime. If policymakers are to deal with the root causes of crime they must deal with the rapid rise of illegitimacy.