Our Solution

The main idea behind the idea/invention of “Happy Family”  is to bring the families together by using the advanced technology in a more useful way yet to kids & family friendly with all essential features which helps to improve the family wellness, child behavior issues, reduce drug addiction & crime. Happy Family comes in different varieties, so family members of different age group can use it appropriately.  

Board Game
  • We started the initial design with a simple board game with different points and tasks that allows multiple players. Each player gets a turn and youngest goes first. Each time a player throws dice and move steps in the board and pick a task card and perform the activity. Whoever reaches the Home first will be the winner. Alternatively, players can accumulate the points if the players decided to go by the score which should be finalized during the beginning of the game.


  • Simple & easy setup.

  • Less expensive.

  • Tasks can be customized.



  • Only family members living in the same house can play this game.

  • Visually impaired people can’t play.

  • Not user-friendly and interesting to all age groups.

  • How can we help visually challenged people to get involved through this game?

Online Game

Online board game based on scratch programming with similar rules as in board game. This allows multiple players from different locations to play at a time and stay connected. Tasks will be picked randomly based on the players and their interest and hobbies. The most exciting feature of this game is that everything can be changed to an audio mode so that visually impaired persons can also play this game just by clicking space bar. All the moves, instructions and scores and tasks will be read out via audio files upon each turn.



  • Easy to customize and configure based on family needs.

  • Visually impaired people can also play the game like any other players.

  • Families can stay together even if they are located in different places.


  • Not mobile friendly.

Mobile App

A mobile-friendly app that supports both iOS and Android devices.
The app mainly has 7 components:

1.     Activity Goals

2.     Social Media links like Facebook

3.     Family Events/Organizer

4.     Family Album

5.     Family chat group

6.     Family Score

7.     Happy Family Game

Upon installation of this app, the user will log in. The app then asks some questions to know the interests, likes, and dislikes of the family members. Accordingly, the Activity goals are decided for the family.



  • All essential features embedded in one app.
  • Mobile friendly that supports both ios and Android devices.
  • Families can stay together even if they are located in different places.


  • None.